Plastics, Rubber and Tires

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Plastics, Rubber and Tires

Precision and efficiency for high system availability

Plastic is the material of the st century. Variously cross-linked polymers are used to create a wide variety of products with
extremely diverse properties: airtight films, rugged tires, impact-resistant paints, food-grade bottles, breathable plastic fibers,
permanent adhesives, highly elastic nylon ropes, or durable insulating material.
The range of applications is enormous and will continue to grow through the development of new compounds. Plastics are even now replacing traditional materials. Composites are used in dental technology, and fiber-reinforced compounds allow for lightweight construction.
With more and more varieties, manufacturing plastics is becoming ever more complex. The demands on production and machine
construction are increasing. The use of reliable and high-quality
components is becoming all the more important both in machine design and in manufacturing the final product.
Balluff&#;s comprehensive range with high-performance sensors, systems, and high quality networking and connectivity technologies serves as an ideal foundation. The high quality improves machine availability, enables sophisticated system concepts and contributes to more efficient utilization, whether in injection or blow molding, tire construction and heating presses, or bonding and joining technology. Balluff technology is also designed to handle broad temperature ranges.



Plastics, Rubber and Tires

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