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5-axis profile machining for highest technological requirements.


•  5-axis HPC/HSC machining centres
•  Four product lines provide solutions for a variety

of machining requirements from profile machining
through to structural parts and large-volume

•   Increased competitive advantage through

optimized processes

•  Support and consultancy to provide bespoke

customer solutions: tool selection, simulation,
programming, milling strategy, etc.

•   Long-term machine availability and continuous

increases in productivity

•  Broad offer in terms of machine maintenance,

spare parts, expert support, training, support

•   Comprehensive advice and a wide variety of

financial offerings from Handtmann Finance

A-Punkt Automation GmbH
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Handtmann CNC Technologies, Inc.
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Handtmann CNC UK
A Division of the Engineering Technology Group
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Great Britain
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OOO Handtmann CNC Machines
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OOO Handtmann CNC Machines
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Automation / Options
Technical Details
Turn-Key Solutions

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Three series as a benchmark for demanding and economic profile machining.

PBZ profile machining centres.
Ideal ergonomics for machine operators.

High performance machining centres for high
precision profiles.

Profile machining centres have always been the core competence of Handtmann

A-Punkt Automation GmbH. The company has been a leading manufacturer of 5-axis

HPC/HSC machining centres for more than 25 years.

As a member of the international Handtmann Group with
about 3,300 employees Handtmann A-Punkt Automation
GmbH has become a well-established machine constructor
for profile machining in aerospace, façades, door and window
construction as well as further metal working industries.

The Handtmann PBZ


product line includes three machine

series - each with different sizes and various technological
highlights for the dynamic machining of composite, aluminium
and steel. Almost every task in profile machining such as
machining of light extrusions, heavy extrusions, short and
thin as well as long and wide profiles up to 30,000 mm can
be achieved by meeting high quality demands and economics.
Varied solutions for flexible workpiece clamping are possible
due to the individual configurations of clamping vices and
table versions.
Various automated solutions allow short set-up times and
reduced downtime.

The PBZ product line meets your

application requirements due to

various individual clamping concepts.

Handtmann clamping technology:
•  Integrated, flexible, CNC-controlled clamping system for

reduced downtimes

•  Clamping vices for standard clamping or customer-specific

clamping systems

•  Variable number of clamping vices

•  CNC-controllable positioning of clamping vices

•  Workholding fixtures with integrated media supply possible

(hydraulics, pneumatics, vacuum, electrics)

•  Workpiece clamping for 6-sided machining

•  Shifting of clamping vices provides ideal access to each side

of the profile

•  Economic, cost efficient clamping technology

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Seat track (stainless steel)

Floor beam (composite)

Seat track (aluminium)

Stringer (composite)




Dynamic pendulum operation up to 24 meters in length.

Pendulum operation for loading and unloading

parallel to machining with minimal floor space


The PBZ SC combines the advantages of pendulum machining
with high spindle power and a minimum floor space requirement
for profiles up to 24,000 mm in length. This combination allows
efficient machining of aluminium and steel profiles as well as
composite parts. A table version even allows the machining of
plates in various materials.

Pendulum machining creates two separate workzones. Thus,
parallel to machining loading and unloading is possible and
expensive downtimes are reduced enormously. The rigid machine
construction provides high machining accuracy and quality for
interference-free, 6-sided contour machining.

Two separate workzones allow pendulum

machining which leads to high productivity with

savings in set-up times and cost per part.

6-sided profile machining up to 24,000 mm in length.

Simultaneous loading and unloading.

Flexible clamping technology.

Table version with a maximum width of 800 mm.


•  Loading and unloading parallel to production due to two

workzones and pendulum operation

•  High productivity with minimal floor space requirements

•  6-sided machining of profiles up to 24,000 mm in length

•  Application diversity: From light profiles made of composite

and aluminium through to steel profiles and solid material

•  Highly flexible production

•  Direct thread cutting without compensation chuck

•  Burr-free machining with HSC technology

•  Rigid machine construction

Technical data:

•  3- and 5-axis configuration for highly dynamic profile


•  Interference-free contour machining of profiles up to

24,000 mm in length

•  Profile cross section: max. 800 x 500 mm (5-axis),

max. 1,200 x 550 mm (3-axis)

•  Spindle data: max. 37 kW, max. 28,000 rpm

•  Travel speed (X/Y/Z): max. 70/55/55 m/min

•  Axis travel (Y/Z): max. 1,100/720 mm

•  Table version is available

•  Integrated saw blade with a diameter of 500 mm

•  Angle head is available

•  Control: Siemens 840D SL

Clamping technology – further features :

•  Proven Handtmann clamping technology

•  Customer-specific clamping technology with a variable

number of vices or table version

•  Free positioning of vices throughout the entire length

•  Easy change of clamping elements

•  Multi-function clamping vices prevent damage of painted

and coated profiles during shifting of vices

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Stringer (aluminium)

Coupling (aluminium)

Stringer (aluminium)

Seat track (composite, aluminium)




Flexibility and capacity for 6-sided profile machining.

Economic profile machining up

to 25,000 mm in length.

Integrated saw blade allows spatial cuts in 5-axis mode.

Machining of complex, wide workpieces.

6-sided complete machining of aluminium, sheet steel profiles and extrusions
up to 25,000 mm in length.


•  Interference-free contour machining, 6-sided complete

machining of aluminium, sheet steel profiles and extrusions
up to 25,000 mm in length

•  Machining on both ends of several parts over the entire

machine length is possible

•  Milling, sawing, drilling, thread milling and cutting,

shift cuts from different angles in the space

•  Burr-free machining with HSC technology

•  Highly flexible production

•  Very high X-axis travels

•  Intregrated saw blade with a maximum diameter of 500 mm,

direct insertion in the spindle, spatial cuts in 5-axis mode are

•  Completely enclosed workzone

•  High machine rigidity

•  Proven machine kinematics

•  Ergonomic workplace

•  Ideal insight into the workzone

•  Loading and unloading at convenient working height

Technical data:

•  Profile length up to 25,000 mm

•  Machining of profile cross sections up to 750 x 300 mm

•  Spindle data: max. 37 kW, max. 28,000 rpm

•  Axis travel (Y/Z): max. 1,100/850 mm

•  Travel speed X/Y/Z: max. 90/55/55 m/min

(Rack and pinion drive and ball screw)

•  Control: Siemens 840D SL

Dynamic, precision and power.

The PBZ NT offers high precision and accurate machining of
aluminium and sheet steel profiles up to a length of 25,000 mm.
The high machine stability is the result of the machining centre’s
fixed portal.

Powerful and interference contour free machining of aluminium
and steel profiles up to 25,000 mm is possible. By pulling apart
single clamping vices machining of several workpieces on both
ends throughout the entire machine length is possible.

Clamping technology – further features :

•  Proven Handtmann clamping technology

•  Flexible clamping system for the machining of all

common profile cross sections

•  Free positioning of clamping vices throughout the entire


•  Standard clamping vices or wide version up to 700 mm as an


•  Automated pulling apart of the part for 6-sided machining

of several workpieces, machining from front and sides

•  Easy change of clamping elements

•  Multi-function clamping vices prevent damage of

painted and coated profiles during shifting of vices

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Floor beams (aluminium)

Lattice rails (aluminium)

Beam (aluminium)

Stringer (aluminium)




High precision meets highest material removal rates.

Heavy Duty: leading profile machining for the

metalworking and aerospace industry.

5-sided complete machining with highest material removal rates and precision.

Customer-specific configurable clamping systems.

Best ergonomics for machine operators.

Challenging high performance machining.

The PBZ HD is the expert for challenging high performance
machining. The powerful profile machining centre with fixed
portal offers dynamic and flexible machining of profiles up to
30,000 mm in length providing excellent precision and

The head-spindle-combination as well as the machine
construction is the basis for stable, precise and extremely
high performance machining. Optimum machining results with
best accuracy, high material removal rates as well as short
machining times and reduced cost per part are the outcome.
The PBZ HD provides full 5-axis simultaneous machining.


•  5-sided complete machining including milling, sawing in

different angles, drilling, thread milling and cutting

•  Machining of composite, aluminium and steel

•  Very high material removal rates during the machining of

profiles and solid material up to 6.5 l/min

•  Interference contour free and precise machining throughout

the entire profile length up to 30,000 mm max.

•  Complete integrated chip management is possible over the

entire machine length

•  Completely enclosed workzone

•  High machining precision and surface quality

•  Full 5-axis simultaneous capability

•  Table version is possible as an option

•  Ideal insight into the workzone

•  Ergonomic access to the workpiece

Overview technical data:

•  Max. workpiece length: 30,000 mm

•  Profile cross section: max. 800 x 575 mm

•  Axis travel (Y/Z): max. 1,500/1,000 mm

•  Spindle data: max. 81 kW, max. 30,000 rpm

•  Travel speed X/Y/Z: max. 70/40/40 m/min

•  Saw blade diameter: max. 500 mm

•  High rigidity due to robust and dynamic fork-type

milling head design

•  Control: Siemens 840D SL

Clamping technology – further features :

•  Proven Handtmann clamping technology

•  Customer-specific clamping system with a variable number

of clamping vices or table version option

•  Huge and long workholding fixtures can be changed rapidly

•  Dovetail clamping is possible

4,000 mm up to 30,000 mm

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Max. workpiece length

24,000 mm

25,000 mm

30,000 mm

Max. workpiece diameter (WxH)

400 x 300 mm (Clamping vice version)

1,200 x 550 mm (Table version)

750 x 300 mm

(Clamping vice version)

600 x 300 mm (Clamping vice version)

800 x 575 mm (Table version)

Max. axis travel Y/Z-axis

Y-axis: 1,100 mm

Z-axis: 720 mm

Y-axis: 1,100 mm

Z-axis: 850 mm

Y-axis: 1,500 mm

Z-axis: 1,000 mm

Max. travel speed X/Y/Z-axis

-/55/55 m/min (Ball bearing spindle)

70/-/- m/min (Rack drive)

-/55/55 m/min (Ball bearing spindle)

90/-/- m/min (Rack drive)

70/40/40 m/min (Rack drive)

Spindle data:
Power  (S1)

Power  (S6)

From 14 up to 26 kW

From 19 up to 37 kW

From 14 up to 26 kW

From 19 up to 37 kW

From 45 up to 63 kW

From 58 up to 81 kW

Spindle speed

From 24,000 up to 28,000 rpm

From 24,000 up to 28,000 rpm

From 20,000 up to 30,000 rpm

Torque  (S1)

Torque  (S6)

From 28 up to 34 Nm

From 40 up to 41 Nm

From 28 up to 34 Nm

From 40 up to 41 Nm

From 31 up to 60 Nm

From 40 up to 75 Nm

Tool interface

HSK 63A / HSK 50E

HSK 63A / HSK 50E


Max. acceleration

4 m/s


3 m/s


4 m/s


Tool magazine

Disc type tool magazine with 32

or 36 slots

Disc type tool magazine with

14, 29 or 36 slots

Disc type tool magazine with 36 slots


Siemens 840D SL

Siemens 840D SL

Siemens 840D SL

Integrated and individual process support delivers perfection!


Let optimized processes enhance your competitiveness.

Specially trained and experienced employees provide individual
advice and deliver every process from the initial analysis of the
project onwards. This includes feasibility studies and
recommending the right machining centre, right up to test
machining, machine configuration and installation. Our extensive
Handtmann Turn-Key solutions also include the training of your
employees and professional support in programming, tool choice
and simulation.

Although the Handtmann Turn-Key solutions are based on
standards of our various machine types the customization to
meet the actual customer requirements has top priority.
Thus Handtmann combines optimum customer orientation
with maximum cost-effectiveness.

The integrated process support we provide for our customers is an
integral part of Handtmann’s worldwide success. The process and
services of the Handtmann Turn-Key solutions can be divided into
four steps.

As with all Handtmann machining centres, you can also enjoy all benefits of our integrated process
support within the Handtmann Turn-Key Solutions when investing in a machine of the PBZ product line.


Step 1:
•  Feasibility, time and capacity studies
•  Advice in the selection of the suitable machining concept
•  Test machining

Step 2:
•  Tool selection
•  Clamping solution and milling strategy
• Programming
• Simulation

Step 3:
•  Production support
•  Service support
• Training

Step 4:
•  Analysis and optimization of existing  machining strategies
•  Monitoring and optimization of existing production processes
•  Partnerships in technology with suppliers,

global service and support for short response times


•  Process optimization, process safety and flexibility
•  Minimization of downtimes and cost per part due to pallet

automation or pendulum operation

•  Customer-specific solutions can be realized according to

machining requirements

•  Chip conveyor
•  Suction and filtration systems
•  Radio wave touch probes
•  Briquetting plants
•  Precision package
•  Turn-Key Solutions
•  Pallet changing systems
•  Coolant purification plants
•  Minimal quantity lubrications
•  Spray nozzles at the portal and in the workzone
•  Handtmann Spindle Monitoring System (HSMS)
•  Laser-controlled tool control and tool measurement
•  Various configurations of tool magazines
•  Further options on request

Configuration of automated solutions and options according to your requirements.


The automated solutions and options for your machining
centre are individually adapted according to your