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Branchen FRAMOS

  • Robotik + Automation
  • Elektronische Komponenten und Systeme
  • Optik & Photonik
  • System- und Softwarelösungen
  • Mess- und Prüftechnik

Mitgliedschaften FRAMOS

  • VDMA

For FRAMOS image processing is not just a technical discipline, but a
fascination, the future and our mission all at the same time. Since
FRAMOS is a leading technology provider in industrial, scientific and medical image processing. Headquartered in Munich and with 5 subsidiaries worldwide we enable manufacturers, system integrators and researchers to benefit from imaging technologies.

  • Titel: FRAMOS | Industrial Imaging & Machine Vision
  • Beschreibung: FRAMOS is the global specialist for imaging. From sensors to complete systems, we support projects in automated production and quality assurance.
  • Keywords: imaging, machine vision, vision technology, image processing, imaging solutions, vision systems, industrial inspection, industrial imaging, industrial image processing, image processing munich


Mehlbeerenstr. 24
82024 Taufkirchen

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Expert Interviews Trade Shows, Trainings Products, Sensors, Cameras, Image Acquisition, Optics, Illumination, Cabling, Software, Test Equipment, Accessories, Computers, Displays, Positioning & Timing, DVB Components, Applications, Logistics, Medical, Mobility, Industrial, Imaging Systems, Logistics VLG Product Configurator, Static Dimensioner, Medical, Systems Team, Engineering, Development Support, RDKs, Support, Returns Whitepaper, Company, Company Profile Our Story, Career, Job Offers, Experts Academy, Social Commitment, Young Art Collection, Humanitarian Projects, Partners, Certificates Germany, Great Britain, Italy, North America, Russia, Taiwan Products, Applications, Imaging Systems, Engineering, Support, Company WE ENABLE IMAGING Increase productivity and effectiveness due to Augmented Reality - FRAMOS WE ENABLE IMAGING strobe controllers from SMARTEK and project support by FRAMOS Refind was able to double the throughput of its machine WE ENABLE IMAGING Application Food Logistics „at its best“ - Logistic Automation with WE ENABLE IMAGING What is Sony’s Exmor Technology Anyway? - A personal CMOS tutorial by FRAMOS’ Darren Bessette IMAGING PRODUCTS / Everything needed to build a camera or Sensors cameras lenses lights interfaces strobe controllers and complementary components and accessories IMAGING SYSTEMS Imaging systems technologies and IP for specific industrial applications Intelligent D imaging systems for logistics and medical to boost industrial automation and medical control ENGINEERING / tailored to your needs! Evaluation & support RDK's FPGA programming and camera development Comprehensive range of training courses and workshops for industrial image processing Sphericam and FRAMOS Make the ° Virtual Reality Happen for Machine Virtual Reality the former science-fiction technology has finally arrived in Photo sensor technology accelerates medical diagnostics / Developed for automobiles proven in medicine ev’s new Emerald sensor family - the world’s smallest CMOS Global Shutter pixel Featuring the world’s smallest Global Shutter pixel (µm) and high resolutions the new Emerald image sensor family from ev FRAMOS Market Survey Industrial cameras their market and their technical features SONY adds ...

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