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KONUX is a Munich-based IIoT company, combining the best of German engineering quality with Silicon Valley speed and innovation. Our technology integrates sensors and smart analytics to solve complex technical challenges and helps our customers become data-driven industrial companies.

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KONUX is a Munich based sensor analytics company, combining German engineering quality and the speed of Silicon Valley. We develop customized end-to-end solutions to generate real-time machine insights for industrial companies. We deploy smart sensor systems and use data analytics based on artificial intelligence to enable our customers to analyze machine problems, predict maintenance and increase uptime while reducing operational costs significantly.

The cloud-based KONUX software platform uses artificial intelligence to provide clients with real-time insights into the health of their machines and infrastructure. This enables maintenance managers to analyze machine problems, predict maintenance needs and increase uptime. Our clients benefit from decreases in maintenance costs of up to 30% and reductions in machine breakdowns of up to 70%.

We are currently digitizing Deutsche Bahn’s high-speed railway network through condition monitoring of switches and crossings, a critical part of the railway infrastructure. This helps DB significantly reduce inspection and maintenance costs, decrease train delays and improve worker safety.

Other important applications for the KONUX solution include industrial automation, industrial pumps and rollers as well as elevators.


  • Titel: Sensor Solutions to Make Machines Smarter | KONUX
  • Beschreibung: KONUX builds sensor and analytics solutions for industrial companies that allow for complete digitization of manual measurements and sensor data tracking.


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