KEENSERTS® Threaded inserts

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KEENSERTS® Threaded inserts

KEENSERTS® threaded inserts are the perfect solution to prevent threads from becoming stripped in fields like mechanical or precision engineering, aviation and aerospace.
KEENSERTS® are made of stainless steel 1. / AISI . They are extremely durable and withstand numerous loosening and tightening cycles without thread stripping. They can be readily used in light metal, steel or cast iron application. They can also be used as an easy and efficient replacement for damaged threads in expensive components. KEENSERTS® threaded inserts are preassembled with special keys that lock the KEENSERTS® into place to absolutely eliminate rotation and vibration even in heavyduty applications. Depending on the tread size, KEENSERTS® are available with two or four key locks, both either with normal or self-locking thread.


KEENSERTS® Threaded inserts

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