FASTEKS PRECISKO® high-precision locknuts

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FASTEKS PRECISKO® high-precision locknuts

Maximum accuracy is shown in relation to the smooth running of the spindles, shafts and axles. For their bearing purpose, axle-, roller- and needle bearings are widely used. FASTEKS PRECISKO® high precision locknuts with maximum axial runout accuracy guarantee the desired preload for these screw joints with highest security against loosening. FASTEKS PRECISKO® can be installed at applications with minimum space conditions. The face and thread are ground (RS/AS) or turned (DRS/DAS) in a single clamping operation. That results in a runout accuracy of 0. mm for the ground version and 0. mm for the turned version. Our locknuts have, depending on type, mechanical radial or axial locking features to prevent loosening. The clamping pegs with turned thread profile ensure an optimum torsion protection to secure the preload values. FASTEKS PRECISKO® locknuts are reusable.


FASTEKS PRECISKO® high-precision locknuts

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