#Industry 4.0 - smart #plastics

#Industry 4.0 - smart #plastics
Intelligent igus® smart plastics as active shapers of smart factories
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The intelligent products of the isense family of products include a sensor for continuous measurement of pushing and pulling forces (EC. P – Push/pull detection) as well as a sensor for detection of any chain link breakage (EC.B – Break detection). For moving chainflex® cables, the service life can be predicted exactly until expiry of the period indicated in the warranty specifications. For the time after this, a sensor with the name CF.Q (Cable Fracture/Quality) has been developed. Detection of the electrical parameters make it possible to estimate the remaining service life.

For status measurements such as acceleration or temperatures, the EC. M (Motion) can be used, the measured values of which are the basis for further more complex calculations. The type PRT.W (Wear) sensor provides information concerning wear on slewing ring bearings . Für all linear drives, the DL.W (Wear) sensor delivers information on wear in good time for measures to be taken. These measured values are only a fraction of what makes the isense product family a strong and smart tool for Industry 4.0. These sensors become especially effective due to their linkage with the icom module – a data concentrator –, that can transfer the measured values to a system of the isense product family.

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