NERIAN - Stereovision at its best

NERIAN - Stereovision at its best
Erleben Sie Stereovision von NERIAN - schnell, genau, effizient!
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The SP1 stereo vision system (and also its successor SceneScan) is Nerian Vision Technologies' solution for real-time depth sensing. This stand-alone device connects to two USB industrial cameras, which are set-up in a common stereo alignment. The SP1 processes the images of both cameras in real-time, using a hardware implementation of a state-of-the-art stereo matching algorithm. The computed depth map is transmitted through gigabit ethernet to an attached computer or an embedded system.

Stereo vision is a passive approach to depth perception, which allows its use in situations where active 3D sensors fail. This is usually the case in situations with bright ambient light such as outdoors at sunshine. The SP1 provides the user with dense 3D sensory information even in such difficult conditions. For industries where changing and difficult lighting conditions are common, such as in the logistics sectors, the SP1 provides a viable solution for acquiring 3D sensory information.

Another key advantage of the SP1 is its versatility. Other 3D sensor systems are designed for observing one pre-defined volume. For industrial plants that process products of very different sizes, or for customers which need to cover an unusual measurement range, available 3D sensors might not be sufficient. The SP1 allows the user to control the covered volume through the choice of camera distance and optics. The user also has a choice over the image sensor, which he can pick according his requirements.

The camera setup can be adjusted at any point if the application requirements change. This makes camera calibration critical. Many existing stereo cameras are shipped pre-calibrated and do not allow for a re-calibration by the user. The SP1, on the other hand, provides an easy user interface that facilitates a re-calibration within minutes. Hence, depth measuring can be resumed shortly after the camera setup has been adjusted.

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